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A darkly comic drama from Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh (In Bruges).  After months having passed without a culprit in her daughter’s murder case, Mildred Hayes  makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at the town’s revered chief of police.  When his second-in-command Officer Dixon, an immature mother’s boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing’s law enforcement is only ratches up. Starring Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson,  Sam Rockwell, John Hawkes and Peter Dinklage. Rated R for language and violence ( 2 hrs 5 min)

Wall Street Journal
The movie is, by turns — and sometimes simultaneously — darkly comic, blazingly profane, flat-out hilarious and shockingly violent, not to mention flippant, tender, poetic and profound

San Francisco Chronicle
The movie represents a leap forward for writer-director Martin McDonagh.   As clever and imaginative as McDonagh’s “In Bruges,” in terms of how it makes characters collide in delightful and unexpected ways.

Rolling Stone
It’s a renegade masterpiece that will get you good

New Orleans Times-Picayune
A meticulously shot and sharply written character study, it plays like a blend of the Coen brothers and Quentin Tarantino, …. It’s also a great film, an entertaining and thoughtful examination of one woman’s journey into darkness, as well as a study of the corrosive nature of anger and hate when left unchecked.

Los Angeles Times
In the hands of uncommon writer-director Martin McDonagh and a splendid cast toplined by Frances McDormand in what could be the role of her rich and varied career, the how and why of those billboards becomes a savage film, even a dangerous one, the blackest take-no-prisoners farce in quite some time.