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This is a sample draft of our standard contract


Comes now Phoenix Enterprises, LLC dba Magic Lantern Cinemas of P.O. Box 238 Ketchum, ID 83340, herein referred to as “Magic Lantern” and                                                              of                                                                                                              , herein referred to as “Advertiser”, hereby enter into the following agreement:

Whereas Magic Lantern provides onscreen advertising units for a period of up to twenty (20) minutes before preview and feature display on 6 movie screens at the Magic Lantern Cinemas and Screening Rooms in Ketchum, Idaho,  and

whereas each advertising unit is a ten (10) second on-screen display, two times per performance, per screen, per day.

whereas Advertiser desires to purchase on-screen advertising,

NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed:

  1. 1.     Purchase.  Advertiser hereby purchases one (1) advertising units, commencing the 1st day of  ___________, 201__ and ending the 30th day of _____________, 201__.  Advertiser shall pay $_________________  per month during the term.  Aforesaid purchase price is based on Magic Lantern’s 6 (six) existing screens.
  2. 2.     Payment.  The first month of this Advertising contract shall be prepaid.  Advertising shall then be invoiced monthly.   Advertiser has paid $____________________

on the date hereof.  Magic Lantern will invoice advertiser for each successive installment due.

  1. 3.     Materials.  Advertiser will provide Magic Lantern one or two different  displays for each advertising unit, meeting the criteria set forth on Exhibit A.
  2. 4.     Content Review.  Each display will be reviewed by Magic Lantern, which, in its exclusive judgment, will determine whether the slide meets the attached technical criteria, is suitable for public display, will not be offensive to viewers, and will not be detrimental or distractive to the content of the pre-show presentations as a whole.  The display will be submitted for review not later than ten (10) days prior to the first date it is to be screened.  Advertiser shall be free to provide additional or substitute displays during the term.
  3. 5.     Display Schedule.  Magic Lantern shall have sole discretion as to how the ad(s) will be displayed , i.e., the order of display, and the display schedule.
  4. 6.     Competition.    Advertiser is aware that Magic Lantern will be displaying advertising materials for other advertisers.  It is possible or likely that these materials may advertise products or businesses in competition with Advertiser.  Advertiser agrees and consents to such competing advertisements.
  5. 7.     No Warranty.  Magic Lantern makes no warranty as to the number of viewers in any audience to which the advertising will be displayed.
  6. 8.     Default.  In the event Advertiser fails to pay a monthly installment, the full balance owing for all months shall immediately accelerate and be due and owing.  Magic Lantern shall be entitled to suspend advertising display and to proceed to collect the accelerated balance by all lawful means.  If Magic Lantern fails to display advertising content in accordance with this contract, Advertiser shall be entitled to terminate the contract and recover any unearned, paid amounts, pro-rated to reflect actual units displayed.  Failure to display due to technical difficulties shall not be a default.

DATED this ____ day of __________, 201__




Richard Kessler, Member