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A struggling novelist, now working as a private detective under the pretense of doing research, attempts to reconcile with his aging mother, ex-wife and 11-year-old son. Things are not going particularly well when the fractured family gathers at his mother’s apartment in Tokyo one day. As a typhoon passes, they must spend the night together.  Not Rated ( 2 hrs 5 min)

Talk of accepting truths and moving on will knot your stomach; inevitably, you’ll reflect on your own station in life and weigh whether or not you feel like Ryota, who tells his son, “I’m not who I want to be yet.” And isn’t such evocation the point of all art? With this measure in mind, Kore-eda has created a masterpiece.

Village Voice
I walked out of After the Storm wanting to be a better person — and further convinced that Hirokazu Kore-eda isn’t just one of the world’s best filmmakers, but one of its most indispensable artists

The Hollywood Reporter
This bittersweet peek into the human comedy has a more subtle charm than flashier films like the director’s child-swapping fable Like Father, Like Son, but the filmmaking is so exquisite and the acting so calibrated it sticks with you.